Playlist 4-14-14

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Special guest mix by Franktronic!

Jan Driver – Trains/Grandpetrol
Paul Kalkbrenner – Altes Kamuffel/Bpitchcontrol
Takaaki Itoh – Rooter/Planet Rhythm
Skober – Mechanism/Rhythm Converted
Inigo Kennedy – Accordion/Token
Gabeen – Dark Shade (Yan Cook Remix)/Darknet
Laserkraft 3D – Nein, Mann!/Zouk
I-f – Theme From Pack/Interdimensional Transmissions
Barker & Baumecker – Silo/ Ostgut Ton
Djedjotronic – The Invisible Landscape/ Ed Banger
Pacific Blue – Industry (Rrose Remix)/Pacific Blue
Locomatica – Interdicted/Fone Audio
Julian Jeweil – Techno Corner/Form
Kebacid – Jack The Potato/Turbo
Adam Proll – Hummel/Cocoon Recordings
Clouds – Matter/Turbo
Clouds – Consciousness (Randomer Remix)/Turbo
Jokke Ilsoe – Feeling Good (Trentemoller remix)/NamNam
A1 Bassline – Falsehood/Tighten Up
Dexter – Space Booty/Clone Crown Limited
Biz – Phreakforyou/Cliq
Helix – Whoosh Ice Dispenser/Night Slugs
Instra:mental – 8/Nonplus
CTRLS – Modular Framework/Token
Galan – Hangar/Dirty Stuff
Milkplant & The Automatic Message – Your Eyes Give You Away (Subdoubt remix)/Pilbus
Dave Spoon – The Key/Televizion
DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Part 1 (MCDE remix)/Mule Musiq
Echonomist – The Way feat. Dans Mon Salon/3rd Wave
Echo 106 – Wretched Souls/Lux Rec
Arpanet – Wireless Internet/Record Makers


Playlist 4-7-14

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Frankie Knuckles – Bac N Da Day/Definity
Frankie Knuckles, Director’s Cut – The Whistle Song (Re-Directed)/Nocturnal Groove
Max Cooper – Supine/Fields
Ben Frost – No Sorrowing/benfrost.bandcamp.com
Frankie Knuckles, Director’s Cut – Your Love feat. Jamie Principle (Director’s Cut Signature Mix)/Nocturnal Groove
Garnier – M.I.L.F/50WEAPONS
Ttinga – SMK3/donttrusthumans.com
Lucy – Why Don’t You Change/Stroboscopic Artefacts
Lucy – The Illusion Of Choice/Stroboscopic Artefacts
Truncate (feat. Silent Servant) – Veinticinco (25)/Historia y Violencia
Millie & Andrea – Temper Tantrum/Modern Love
Chevel – Marker Shop/Stroboscopic Artefacts
Light Year – Come Together/Ghostly International
Hercules And Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)/DFA
Addison Groove – The Spirit Level/50WEAPONS
The Exaltics – Walking Through The Stratosphere/Clone West Coast Series
Harmony Funk – Cant Let You Go (Ovatow reshape)/Clone Jack For Daze
Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Frankie Knuckles Remix)/Epic
Teebs – SOTM/Brainfeeder

Playlist 3-31-14

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DJ How? and The Beagle from FM Expressive filled in.

Playlist 3-24-14

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Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite/Olsen
Legowelt – SH-High School Daze/L.I.E.S.
Midland – Trace (Grain Remix)/Aus
Phon.o – Here Now feat. Bass Sekolah/50WEAPONS
Innershades – A Night To Forget/Wicked Bass
Com Truise – Declination (feat. Joel Ford)/Ghostly International
Scritti Politti – Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) [Version]/Warner Bros.
Community Corporation – Visitor Badge For The Devil/Crisis Urbana
White Rainbow – Screen Blind/White Rainbow
Max Cooper – Automaton/Fields
Teebs – Holiday/Brainfeeder
Monolake – Polaroid/DIN
Millie & Andrea – Stay Ugly/Modern Love
D. Edwards – Untitled/The Death Of Rave
Omar-S & D B Ignitt – Wayne County Hill Cops Part 2 (Omar-S Mix)/FXHE
Teebs – View Point/Brainfeeder
Mark E – Bog Dance/Spectral Sound
Streetwalker – Ooze (Silent Servant remix)/Diagonal
Mondkopf – Cause & Cure/In Paradisum
Abdulla Rashim – Aksum 3/Abdulla Rashim
Plaster – Walking On Deodron/Touchin’ Bass
Pan Sonic – 11’03″/Kvitnu


Playlist 3-17-14

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Chris E Pants – Hello?/The Nite Owl Diner
Chicago Skyway – Sean & Lueys Cool Walk/Eargasmic Recordings
Alexi Delano – My Busted SH-101 (The Persuader Remix)/Spectral Sound
Bodycode – Imitation Lover/Spectral Sound
Peder Mannerfelt – In Place Of Once Was/Digitalis Industries
Planetary Assault Systems – Serc/Mote-Evolver
Lucy – 201 Phasing (Original Mix)/CLR
Voices From The Lake – Velo di Maya/thebunkerny.bandcamp.com
Erika – Tow Ride (Outer Space Remix)/Interdimensional Transmissions
Versalife – Advancing Capabilities/Clone West Coast Series
Jorge Velez – Untitled/soundcloud.com/cremeorganization/sets/creme-10k-various-behold-i-1
Chris E Pants – Call Me You/The Nite Owl Diner
Addison Groove – Apples/50WEAPONS
Max Cooper – Potency/Fields
ASOK – Captain Blood/MOS Deep
Portable – A Process/Live At Robert Johnson
The Black Electro Orchestra featuring Portable – Domino Dancing (Album Version)/Tevo Howard Recordings
Jonsson/Alter – Lyftet/Kontra-Musik
Bibio – Dye the Water Green/Warp
Torn Hawk – I Am Returning/Not Not Fun
Pye Corner Audio – Electronic Rhythm Number Two/Type
Hands – Beelitz-Heilstatten pt10/Ecstatic


Playlist 3-10-14

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Armando, Sharvette – Don’t Take It (Thomos Edit)/Let’s Pet Puppies
Community Corporation – Pink Slip Walkers/Crisis Urbana
Borrowed Identity – Step Out/Mistress
John Roberts – Ever Or Not/Dial
Charlemagne Palestine & Robert Feldman – Electronic And Flute/Alga Marghen
Robert Ashley – Automatic Writing/Lovely Music
Addison Groove – Intro/50WEAPONS
Pete Swanson – Positive/Blackest Ever Black
patten – Softer/Warp
Robert Ashley – The Wolfman Tape/Lovely Music
Robert Ashley – In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men And Women (1972-1973 – Excerpt)/Lovely Music
Sima Kim – Ur Silhouette/simakim.bandcamp.com
Charlemagne Palestine – 7 Organism Study/Alga Marghen
James Ruskin – What Falls to the Ground/Jealous God
NHK’Koyxen – 768/PAN
Mutant Beat Dance – Rottonfunk/Hour House Is Your Rush
Beau Wanzer – Hoedown/Russian Torrent Versions
DJ Bookworms – Product Configuration/Anòmia
Moin – Elsie/Blackest Ever Black
Perc – Bleeding Colours/Perc Trax
Lucy – The Illusion Of Choice (Donato Dozzy Remix)/Stroboscopic Artefacts
The Black Dog – Train By The Autobahn (Robert Hood’s 8 Mile Remix)/Soma
Leyland Kirby – Breaks My Heart Each Time/Apollo
Jonsson/Alter – Praha/Kontra-Musik


Playlist 3-3-14

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Garnier – Beat (Da Boxx)/Still Music
L-Vis 1990 Presents Dance System – Dance System ft. Jammin Gerald – Move It/Night Slugs
Truncate – Bodega V2/Truncate
Special Request – Lockjaw (Akkord Remix)/Houndstooth
Eschaton (Ancient Methods & Orphx) – Degenerate/Token
Container – Slush/PAN
Acteurs – Golden Rabbit/Public Information
Powell – Oh No New York/The Death Of Rave
CHRONONAUTZ – PUBLIC DOMAIN FUCKOVER #3/chrononautz.bandcamp.com
AnD – IcDbYc/Electric Deluxe
Tin Man – Swarm/Pomelo
Armando – Land Of Confusion/Westbrook
Willie Burns – Tab of Acid/The Trilogy Tapes
Shigeto – French Kiss Power Up/Ghostly Intermational
John Roberts – Porcelain/Dial
Shigeto – Huron River Drive/Ghostly Intermational
John Roberts – Fences/Dial
Art Crime – Happiness Side Effects/WT Records
Alexi Delano – My Busted SH-101/Spectral Sound
Shawn O’ Sullivan – What When How/WT Records
ASOK – Project Poltergeist/MOS Deep
patten – Drift/Warp
Leyland Kirby – Diminishing Emotion/Apollo

Playlist 2-24-14

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Destination Unknown FOR KIDS!

This show was inspired by, and partially sourced from, the delightful tumblr Experimental Music On Children’s TV emoctv.tumblr.com

Wonder Showzen – Kids Show/YouTube
Mister Rogers – Look and Listen/YouTube
Raymond Scott – Little Miss Echo/Basta (reissue)
Joan La Barbara – Signing Alphabet (Sesame Street)/YouTube
Holly Herndon – Solo Voice/RVNG Intl.
Capital Children’s Choir – Untrust Us (Crystal Castles cover)/YouTube
Crystal Castles – Violent Youth/Fiction
Daphne Oram – Ardwick High School No. 1/Paradigm Discs
Skrillex Reviewed By Cute Kids/noisey.vice.com
Money Mark – Robot Friends (Yo Gabba Gabba)/YouTube
Bruce Haack – School for Robots/Mississippi (reissue)
Enon – We Are The Robots (Yo Gabba Gabba)/YouTube
SpongeBob SquarePants – Krab-Borg/YouTube
Raymond Scott – The Happy Whistler/Basta (reissue)
Herbie Hancock – on Sesame Street with the Fairlight CMI/YouTube
Herbie Hancock – Rockit/Columbia
Chromeo – Nice And Clean (Yo Gabba Gabba)/YouTube
James T. Cotton – Mind Your Manners (Food Be Clean Mix)/Spectral Sound
Real Scenes: Detroit (Mike Huckaby, Kyle Hall, Detroit students)/Resident Advisor
Kyle Hall – Finna Pop/Wild Oats
Bruce Haack and Miss Nelson – Rubberbands/Mississippi (reissue)
Muppet Babies – Scooter Makes Electronic Music On His Computer/YouTube
PlaySoundz – alphabot/http://playsoundz.bandcamp.com/
Thomas Dolby – on The Ghost of Faffner Hall/YouTube
Solvent – Science With Synthesizers/Spectral Sound
Daphne Oram – Lego Builds It/Paradigm Discs
Suzanne Ciani – on 3-2-1 Contact (1980)/YouTube
Suzanne Ciani – Princess With Orange Feet/Finders Keepers
Stereolab – International Colouring Contest/Rhino/Elektra
Raymond Scott – Nursery Rhyme/Basta (reissue)
Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble – Counting In C (Jad Abumrad)/Innova
Daphne Oram – Ardwick High School No. 3/Paradigm Discs
PlaySoundz – my house is too noisy/http://playsoundz.bandcamp.com/
Angelo Rules – The Experimental Music Must Be Stopped/YouTube
Daphne Oram – Ardwick High School No. 4/Paradigm Discs
Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth/Rough Trade
Solvent – Tonka Truck/Spectral Sound
Bruce Haack and Miss Nelson – Can You Point To Your Nose (Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood)/YouTube
Raymond Scott – Lullaby/Basta (reissue)

Playlist 2-17-14

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Perc – Dumpster/Perc Trax
Perc & Truss – Spiker/Perc Trax Ltd
Perc – Speek/Perc Trax
Factory Floor – Two Different Ways (Perc Remix)/DFA
Paula Temple – Colonized (Perc Metal Mix)/R&S
Perc – Antifunk/CLR
Perc – My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods Remix)/Perc Trax
Perc – Work Softer (Orphx Remix)/Prosthetic Pressings
Mick Finesse – Frolic (Perc’s ‘Tape Crust’ Mix)/22
Perc & Einstürzende Neubauten – Liebesdub/Submit
Matt Whitehead – A Is For Acid (Perc Redux)/Perc Trax Ltd
Truss – Ganymede (Perc Remix)/Perc Trax
Perc – Closer (Nathan Fake Remix)/Perc Trax
Perc – David & George/Perc Trax
Daniel Avery – Reception (Perc Remix)/Phantasy Sound
Perc – Take Your Body Off/Perc Trax
Perc – Pure & Simple (Ben Sims Warehouse Remix)/Sleaze
Perc – Galloper/Perc Trax
Perc – Molineux (Original Mix)/Stroboscopic Artefacts
Perc – Choice/Perc Trax
Perc – Before I Go/Perc Trax
Perc – Woodford/Public Information
Perc – Snow Chain/Perc Trax
Perc – You Saw Me (Free Fife mix by TVO)/Perc Trax
Perc – Horse Gum/Perc Trax


Playlist 2-10-14

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Heatsick – Dream Tennis (Willie Burns Remix)/CockTail-dAmore
ASOK – Walker/MOS Deep
Marcellus Pittman – In Due Time/Rush Hour
Egyptrixx – Disorbital/Night Slugs
Reggie Dokes – Chicago Pimp/Clone Loft Supreme
Pye Corner Audio – Transmission Nine:Black Light/Type
Exium – Raw Visions/PoleGroup
Truncate – Bipolar/50WEAPONS
Marcel Fengler – Sky Pushing (Dave Clarke Remix)/Ostgut Ton
Container – Complex/Liberation Technologies
DVS1 (Zak Khutoretsky) – Polyphonic Love/Transmat
DVS1 – Strobe/PoleGroup
Marcel Fengler – Mayria (The Exaltics Remix)/Ostgut Ton
Mike Huckaby – The Tresor Track/Tresor
Heatsick – Clear Chanel/PAN
Heatsick – Déviation/PAN
Patrick Cowley – Mockingbird Dream/Dark Entries
Mike Huckaby – The Deep House World/Third Ear Recordings
Daniel Wang – Berlin Sunrise/Ghostly International
Gold Panda – An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds/!K7
Cosmin TRG – Vertigo (Tale Of Us/Fango Remix)/50WEAPONS
Actress – Time/Werk Discs