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Started in 1999 by DJ Kamar as a synthpop and new wave show, Destination Unknown gained a popular following with a fanbase interested in both new and old paths of those genres. In 2007, Kamar bequeathed the show to Qbot, whose own eclectic tastes expanded on the original concept. Slowly, Destination Unknown has grown into what it is today: an exploration of underground electronic music crossing genre and time. In 2011, the show was reformatted to include a podcast and guest DJs representing the many facets of Chicago’s various scenes, illuminating both the roots and influences that inspired them and the uncharted future.

Guests are encouraged to play however they see fit, whether it’s their signature style, a set that would be difficult to follow in a club setting, or a combination of genres normally not presented together.

In April 2013, Qbot passed the show on to friend and purveyor of excellent taste Kat. A few things will change and a few will stay the same, keep listening!

About the podcasts:
All the shows are recorded. Unfortunately, some recordings come out better than others. Some are recorded from the DJs own computer, some out of the mixer, and some from WLUW’s own transmitter log or the radio’s online stream. With so many variables, not all of the sets will be posted as podcasts, and there can be drastic differences from one to another. Hang in there while we get all the kinks worked out, but in the meantime, enjoy the music!

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